About us

Fall protection specialist, provider of evacuation and rescue equipment

Felix Safety is specialized in the provision of safety equipment for the workplace. We have been providing a wide range of fall protection products throughout the Netherlands for nearly 15 years. With us, you have a reliable partner at your side who possess an extensive knowledge about the PPE field.

Provider of rescue gear

On top of that we are Europe’s distributor of Skedco rescue equipment. Skedco products are tailored for rescue and training situations across multiple industries.
Whether you are a soldier in the field, an emergency responder, or a building safety coordinator, we have a solution for your rescue need.

Safety at work

Safety should be a priority for any workplace, no matter the industry. All jobs are different and so are the work conditions. Staying safe on site at all times means the
right equipment, the best tools and proper training. Felix Safety delivers the right PPE and fall protection solution for each client and for every work situation.

Inspection and certification of your PPE

When it comes to harnesses and lanyards it needs to be periodically inspected, and should also be inspected by the user prior to every use. Felix Safety is authorized to carry out the inspection and certification of PPE’s and FPE’s. We send you timely reminders to ensure that your products always remain fully safe and functional.

Top safety brands and service

We provide a wide range of fall protection products and rescue gear of top safety brands. We guarantee excellent quality and the best service:

With these brands we offer a reliable range of well-known products for rescue operations and working safe at height.

Felix fall protection products

Felix Safety has also developed (in co-operation) fall protection products under private label. By doing so we can offer you a much wider range of fall protection equipment.

Europe’s distributor of Skedco rescue equipment

Felix Safety is authorized distributor of Skedco products in Europe. We are currently operating in more than 30 countries. We supply Skedco rescue equipment to our dealers who will benefit from exclusive dealership arrangments, such as: the best prices, rapid delivery, local training and product selection assistance. We are always looking for new partners to expand our sales network all over Europe.

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