Knowhow and expertise

Felix Safety was founded in 2005 by Joop and Marleen Hoogendijk. They started as an independent wholesaler, but initially Felix was part of the Hoogendijk Group in Utrecht. Joop has been working for many years at this family business. In 2006 Felix Safety moved to Maarssen (near Amsterdam), where the company is still located, next to its warehouse and training center.

Europe’s distributor of Skedco equipment

In 1991 Felix joined a partnership with Skedco USA Inc. – market leader in the field of rescue equipment. Felix Safety became authorized European distributor for Skedco products. Felix supplies evacuation and rescue equipment to its dealers and customers in Europe, the Balkans, North West Central Africa, Russia and the Middle East. Learn more: www.skedco.eu.

Proud of our products

“We have been able to run great projects in the recent years. From large rescue operations to challenging work at heights projects, where the neccessary workplace safety was required. We believe that customer loyalty and personal contact with clients is very important to run this business well. We constantly ask ourselves: what do we know about our customers? What are their needs, and how can we meet them? We have a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We think that a satisfied customer is the difference between its experiences and its expectations.

Over the years we have offered our clients a wide range of high-quality PPE and FPE products. But we know that each customer has its demands, which we will try to meet as well as possible. For example, we co-developed PPE products under private label and we constantly close new dealerships to expand our business and product range. Furthermore, we realize that price-quality ratio, reliability and fast delivery (from stock) is also important for customers to do business with us.

Eventually we are always very proud when we see that our products are used in life-saving operations. Saving lives is part of our mission: to be able to work safely with the right products and/or to save human lives, by using the right equipment,” says Joop and Marleen Hoogendijk.

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