Inspect your PPE

You can use all the PPE you want, but if you are not inspecting it, it could fail anytime. When it comes to harnesses and lanyards it needs to be periodically inspected, which we can carry out for you. Felix safety is authorized to carrying out working at heights equipment inspections.

Certified with QR-code

Each and every PPE, fall arrest or fall protection system, which have been certified by us, will receive a specific QR-code. By scanning these codes the online information will be available anytime and anywhere. Every year we will send you timely reminders to ensure that your products always remain fully safe and functional.

Inspect my PPE

Inspection of first aid kits

Felix Safety is also authorized to carry out regular inspections of first aid kits and identify items that need to be replaced. First aid kits at company facilities must be placed in locations where they will be readily available when needed.

Inspect my first aid kit

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